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MBTI 16 Personalities Online Certificate Program


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to ascertain how people perceived the world and made decisions, by measuring their psychological preferences.


MBTI helps you understand and apply C.G. Jung’s theory of psychological types to your lives. The essence of the theory lies in how the seemingly random variation in the behaviour is, in fact, methodical and even – due to basic differences in every individual’s perception and judgment.


Working adults
Understanding your personality type makes you a better team player as well as allows you better management of your work and handle career change(s) at the different stages of your life.

Being aware of your personality type comes in very useful when you are choosing which career path to embark on.

Anyone with a zest for life
Recognising your MBTI type and that of others helps you to appreciate and improve on relationships that you have with your friends and family.
Knowing your MBTI type enhances personal growth and development.

In this program, Dr. L will show you how MBTI results can help:

Enhance effective team work and relationship. Identifying strengths, resources and potential weaknesses within a team.


Improve interpersonal communication skills.  It provides a framework to help people better understand themselves and others – their natural strengths, preferences, and potential areas for development.


Enhance sales techniques.  Learn about your own natural style, this will help you understand which approaches you tend to take; recognize the personality type of the person you are selling to, adapt your style to the other person’s personality type.

This program is delivered in Cantonese language by Dr. L


When you complete all the chapters, you will be awarded a certificate of completion in e-certificate format.

MBTI Chart 2
MBTI Chart 2
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