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Business Etiquette Online Training Certificate Program

Business Etiquette is the set of expected behaviour presented by business professionals to build an essential first impression.  Whether it is in a meeting, in a communication, on a business trip, at a social event or at an important business meal - personal skills make or break relationship.  Knowledge of business etiquette skills will help you to increase your confidence and self-esteem not only at work but also in your daily lives, this is why the acquisition of social and etiquette skills is of the utmost necessity.


In this program, Dr. L will show you how to create professional image, use professional skills to interact with people more effectively, make lasting contacts, cross-cultural awareness and techniques for building successful commercial relationship.

Our Business Etiquette Online Training Certificate Program covers the following topic areas:


  1. Induction of Business Etiquette

  2. First Impression

  3. How to Give a Correct Handshake

  4. How to Present Your Business Card

  5. Seating Arrangement 

  6. Dress Code for Men (Formal Business)

  7. Dress Code for Men (Business Casual)

  8. Dress Code for Ladies (Formal Business)

  9. Dress Code for Ladies (Business Casual)

  10. Chinese Table Etiquette I

  11. Chinese Table Etiquette II

  12. Western Table Etiquette I

  13. Western Table Etiquette II

  14. Western Table Etiquette III



President of

Corporate Etiquette

International Association

This program is delivered in Cantonese language by Dr. L


Once you complete all the chapters, please submit your assignment to us within one month upon your purchase. When you successfully pass the assignment, you will be awarded a certificate of completion in e-certificate format.

For further business etiquette studies, train-the-trainer, corporate training and one-on-one training program, please contact us at tel. +852 2301 3966 / +852 6998 1886 or email: for more details.

DR.L Etiquette
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