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Buy ONE Premium Cigar (Dr. L’s Pick) 
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“The cigar is the perfect complement to an elegant lifestyle” – George Sand

In our featured 7C lifestyle program, Cigar is one of the most popular “C”s at all times!   

“I just started smoking or I’d like to try smoking cigars, but I just don’t know where to start”.  The best advice for new cigar smokers is the kind of advice that answers those initial questions and gets you started the right way.  A good start would be our special pick cigar for you – it’s a given you that extra bit of confidence in starting your cigar journey, now we offer a SPECIAL PROMOTION!



*This FREE class is an ultimate beginner’s guide to anyone who would like to experience the cigar enjoyment.  Enjoy a quick interactive cigar tutorial covering the cigar basics including:


The history of cigars

Tobacco growing regions

The cigar making process

How to cut cigars with various types of cutters, lighting & smoking

Understanding different cigar styles and sizes

Cigar etiquette

Cigar selection by sight and smell alone

Cigar accessories and humidors selection

Most importantly, cigar appreciation!

This online class is delivered in Cantonese language by Dr. L

* *   Once you complete the online class, please submit your Q&A to us within one month upon your purchase.  When you successfully pass the Q&A, you will be awarded a certificate of completion in e-certificate format.


For further 7C lifestyle program studies, corporate training and one-on-one training program, please contact us at tel. +852 2301 3966 / +852 6998 1886 or email: for more details.


By order of HKSAR Government, no tobacco product shall be sold to person under 18 or given for promotion to any person. 

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