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Charmant Consulting Ltd. (“CCL”) is a total business solutions provider, focusing on executive business etiquette, luxury corporate services, lifestyle management, personal image coaching, HSE & ESG consultation and corporate training in various aspects.


We provide consultancy services and corporate training for different industries, luxury brands, commercial sectors and government. We have a team of experienced consultants from different industries in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.


Our CEO, Dr. Nickel Leung having extensive business background and is a leading etiquette expert in Asia.  He also established Keepintraining Academy, the first Etiquette School in Hong Kong.  He has been invited for interview in local, Macau and mainland China media such as TVB in Hong Kong, CNN and most major local newspapers.  He is also an author of “King of Social Etiquette”, “Corporate Business Etiquette” and “Manners Management”, the latter one explains how to implement the manners management system through an audit system to raise the manners standard and thus the corporate image.




Charmant Consulting Ltd. specialize in providing world-class corporate development, operation management, event management, luxury management, executive business coaching, corporate training, personal & professional effectiveness, media interviewing and marketing strategy.  CCL targets new entrants and seasoned professionals in all business sectors.  For more than 20 years, CCL has developed an excellent reputation for delivering real-world value-added training.  The clientele includes many overseas and local enterprises, HKSAR government, public and private sectors of Greater China and throughout the region.  Our detailed course schedule targets to provide continuing, comprehensive and structured suites of courses that meet career development needs of professional staff at all levels.  Our professional team is drawn globally from Hong Kong and abroad, allowing us to offer the best combination available in terms of technology, expertise and versatility.


We have been honoured to receive recognition and awards from our customers and organisations for our outstanding services, products and community achievements throughout the years.  Find out more about our recognition and awards:

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

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